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Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Autoclaves Astell Scientific is a recognised market leader in the manufacture of autoclaves. A focus on quality and repeatability is central to our autoclave – remanufactured / new autoclaves and

GMP Autoclaves We carry a broad range of used chambers that comply with GMP standards, available in single and double door, with or without bioshields, and interlocking doors. We have at least 10 chambers ranging in size from 100 liters to 1,000 liters.

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Mar 06, 2017· Procedure for autoclave validation including steam penetration, heat distribution and penetration, bio-challenge study, estimation of F0 value and 05.09.2013 · Pharmaceutical master validation plan the ultimate guide to fda, gmp, and glp compliance 1.

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Mar 06, 2017· Low Cost Autoclave All general terms and conditions of sale, including limitations of our liailit, appl to all products and services sold 3 Technical Information – Coned Thermocouple Type T Autoclave Load and Drain Temperature sensors.


We Shivani Scientific Industries are highly focused company for manufacturing of Sterilizers and Autoclaves with proven track record of over 40 years. Our Company gives you convenient single source access to know – how of services and our products in the domain of sterlization.


A Full Line of GMP Sterilizers. The Finn-Aqua BPS sterilizers are available . with multiple chamber sizes with a choice of various sterilization processes. These sterilizers will satisfy the most basic needs and the specialized requirements of any biotech or biopharmaceutical application. Wide Selection of . Features and Options

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Autoclave ऑटोक्लेव is an important part of microbiology laboratory and hospital. Depending upon sterilization test requirements; it comes in different temperature and pressure ranges, various sizes, dimensions and designs. We are oldest autoclave manufacturing company in India.

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Autoclave Validation Minimum Runs Under current regulation and guidance: Do you have to perform an autoclave minimum load validation run (3 times), with biological indicators (BI) if you; Established a temperature mapping with an empty chamber run. (with BIs) Have performed a worst case maximum load validation run (3 times) with BI.

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Sterilization Cycles in a GMP Pharmaceutical Environment The autoclave steam sterilization process relies on monitoring three parameters: time, temperature, and pressure. We use heat to perform sterilization and our carrier is moisture in an exact value.

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We offer a wide range of steam autoclave solutions featuring multiple sterilization methods and single or double door sterilizers with an effective volume of a few hundred liters to large-scale systems with volumes of up to 60 m3.

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Pharmaceutical Autoclaves Models. cGMP Pharmaceutical autoclave with fully automatic sliding doors designed to conform to end-user requirements (URS) using steam as the sterilizing agent, appropriate for pharma production and quality assurance processes. The T-Max 12 autoclave chamber volume is

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Vertical autoclave is low cost options for general sterilization ideal tool for Laboratories, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, R & D labs etc, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage Industries and Institutions SALIENT FEATURES & CONSTRUCTION of Vertical Autoclave GMP Model

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Autoclaves are also sometimes referred to as “steam sterilizers” as a result. Today’s autoclaves come in many different sizes and designs, and are used in the fields of microbiology, medicine, dentistry, mycology, veterinary medicine and prosthetics.

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Since the early 1990’s Nicos Group offers to the North American market the GMP washing and sterilizing equipment line by ICOS (now Steelco Miele Group).From the quoting stage to the qualification and validation process the Nicos staff is at your disposal for any support you may need for your pharma sterilizing and washing equipment.

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Autoclaves available through Microbiology International are available in various size options. Our line of laboratory sterilizer units include vertical, bench-top, double-door and pass-through autoclave units as well as other automation equipment.

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population at an affordable cost. • It has state of art facility fully compliant with WHO-GMP & International Standard • It is a self sufficient unit with its own dedicated technical manpower, utilities and Animal house.

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Autoclaving is the most effective and most efficient means of sterilization.All autoclaves must go through the GMP process of autoclave validation / Qualification during which, the various programs are verified as comforming to the requirements detailed in the User Requirement Specification (URS).

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Another example, might be the shell side of an autoclave. It is not product contact, but affects how the temperature in the autoclave functions (and uniformity, etc.). Thus there are parts of the shell which should be qualified, just not materials of construction, and weld inspection, etc – unless you suspect the shell isn’t 304 or 316 SS.

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Autoclaves for the laboratory. The autoclaves (laboratory sterilizers) from Systec specially developed for laboratory sterilization applications, makes processes safer, easier, accurate, reproducible and validatable. Systec autoclaves can be used in all laboratory applications, even in demanding sterilization processes: the sterilization of liquids (such as nutrient and culture media), solids

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Temperature and Time Relationship in Sterilization. Autoclaving is the most effective and most efficient means of sterilization.All autoclaves must go through the GMP process of autoclave validation / Qualification during which, the various programs are verified as comforming to the requirements detailed in the User Requirement Specification (URS).